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Tassy said...


Maybe you do not realise how much you have supported me by commenting on my youtube account and exchanging your crafty knowledge with me which I do appreciate a lot.And also, even though I am on the other end of the world,when I call somebody my friend, I mean it!:)Glad you liked the card which I made from the bottom of my heart.
you take good care of yourself!x

Tassy said...

Forgot to say, what a lovely card you have here! thanks, its gorgeous!

Susan said...

Our hearts are together Tass. I appreciate you and your talent and especially your friendship. You're very sweet. I love the card and so did my husband. Once I give that new cricut a shot, I'll let you know how it works out. Plus, I'm gonna check out your webpage for SU products. If there's anything I can buy, I'd rather do it through you for you to get the credit. For now, I'm still a basket case and am just trying to grab hold of myself. Love you and Happy New Year darlin'!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!
Its been a while I didn't chat to you.I am so so so super busy at the moment...put it this way,I am also working on Saturdays now!!So, I hardly have the time to do much Art and Craft but, I run art and craft workshop and stuff so I am still in a way, doing what I enjoy the most in life.Hopefully, things will calm down sooner or later and I can get to blog and what not!:)
I love the cards with the three girls...lovely! are these rubber stamps?
Anyway catch you soon and lotsa love and hugs,